Mobile Speed Folding Gate – Valhalla

Valhalla speed folding gate is an optimal solution for high frequency usage of the entrance.

The gate is fast and secure. Valhalla opens and closes at a programmable speed of about 1 meter per second. When closed, the gate is locked with a magnetic lock.

The speed folding gate is equipped with pressure strips: it stops automatically if an obstacle is in the way. 1 pair of photocells is standard, additional photocells are optional.

The speed folding gate are manufactured in high-quality, hot-dip galvanized steel (in accordance with EN ISO 1461). The construction is very robust and the gates are developed for the Nordic climate.

When the gate is fully opened, the gate wings are positioned in line with the post and are protected from damage by passing vehicles. As a result, the passage width is optimised. The powerful gate motor with stainless steel and powder coated cover is installed at the top of each post.

The speed folding gates is pre-installed on a sturdy steel plate 6×2 m for a stable installation. Welded steel profile between the gate posts for electric cables for photocells and motors.

The gate completely pre-assembled when the folding gate is delivered, allows a simple and quick installation on site.

Read more about the gate in the product information.