New “HalsFence” New

Mobile modular security fence CRASH TEST TB42 from Halsang


A static calculation up to a module height of 3,500mm + S wire reel for wind force 12 is available. The substructure is made of an abrasion resistant DOWLEXTM 2629UE polyethylene resin with the dimensions 2,400x700x860 (mm), this is filled with concrete once on site. It is available in various colours. Various fence modules are slid onto male adapters found on the substructure (Halsbox). The basic module fence height is 2.500mm and can be increased to either 3.000mm or 3.500mm. These consist of welded steel profiles, which can be stacked on top of each other to allow different fence heights.
There are various adapters available to give adequate climb over protection. The maximum height including climb over protection adapter of approx.4,200mm can be achieved. The basic filling is a safety mat 4/4 with a mesh size of 76.2×12.7mm which is screwed onto the frame. Other fillings are possible after consultation. The corrosion protection of the construction is hot dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461, the safety mat has a corrosion protection of zinc ALU.
All screws are made of stainless steel.


Due to its simple modular design, the HalsFence is quick and easy to assemble.
Forklift pockets for moving the substructure or the entire HalsFence are of course an integral part of the structure. The corner structure is constructed with the help of hinges so that a wide range of angles can be achieved.


As an additional highlight the substructure is CRASH TESTED according to TB42.
The substructure can withstand an impact from a 10-ton truck travelling at a speed of 70 km/h at an impact angle of 15 degrees.


Thanks to the modular design, the transport costs are kept to the minimum (no height restrictions). Modules can be transported with standard trucks and no flatbed trailers or special transporters are necessary.


The HalsFence is always used where temporary security is required and for structural reasons it is not possible to use a permanently installed fence system. e.g. Airports, seaports, customs areas, prisons, forensics, security-relevant construction sites, etc.

Should you require further information on any aspect of the HalsFence, please do not hesitate to contact our team using the contact means displayed on this Website.