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Balder Mobile

Balder trackless speed folding gates are an optimal solution for low and medium frequent use of the entrance. The solid design in accordance with EN 13241.

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Fast and safe
Balder speed folding gate opens and closes with a programmable speed of approximately 0,5
meter per second allows the gate to fully open or close in less than 10 seconds. The gates opens inwards as standard. Once closed, the gate is locked by a magnetic lock and self-braking motorization.
The speed folding gate is equipped with pressure strips: it stops automatically if an obstacle is in the way. 1 pair of photocells is standard, additional as option.

Smart design
Double ball bearing hinges ensures a durable and safe operation.
When the gate is fully opened, the gates wings are positioned in line with the post and are protected from damage by passing vehicles. As a result, the passage width is optimized. The powerful gate motors integrated in linear actuators with aluminum housing are installed at the top of the posts. The intelligent controller ST63 offers basic programming options, as well as additional access control options.

The gate’s frame and posts are hot-dip galvanized (in accordance with EN ISO 1461). The construction is very solid and the gates are developed for Nordic climate.

Fully Pre-Assembled
Pre-assembled when delivered allowing an easy and fast installation on site.
Balder is motorized with Tousek steering, including frequency modulator with smooth start and stop for optimal operation.
Remote control receiver and 1 pcs 4-channel remote control sender unit is delivered as standard.
The steering cabinet, in coated stainless steel, (RAL 7016) is mounted on the right gate post as standard (seen from outside).

Halsang has long experience in developing mobile access control solutions and we are constantly improving our products in order to meet the customer requests.

High quality
Our high quality products offers long life time, resulting in a financially good investment for the customer.

Technical support
Halsang offers an on-line technical support on all our access control products.



  • Fast speed folding gate meets the requirements of modern building sites.
  • The opening/closing time is approx. 10 seconds.
  • Max. 100 cycles per day.
  • Dimensions: 5×2 meter. Steel plate 6×2 meter.
  • Compared to standard swing gates Balder only requires half of the area when fully opened.
  • The controller ST63 with text display and 4 control buttons allows easy programing, smooth and powerful operation.
  • Hinges based on ball bearings ensures a smooth operation.
  • Construction in hot-dip galvanized.
  • Cabinet mounted on gate post.

Technical descriptions

  • Opening and closing speed programmable with frequency modulators.
  • 230V AC power supply, 10-16A.
  • Electromagnetic lock maximum holding force of 500 kg.
  • Motorization Tousek.
  • Connection for mobile fencing on the posts.
  • 1 pcs flashing light (orange).
  • In accordance with EN standard 13241.
  • Certification CE.
  • Technical specification EN 13241+A2:2016-10; EN 12463:2017+A1:2022; EN 60335-2-103:2015-03.
  • Directives: 305/2011; 2006/42/EC; 2014/30/UE; 2014/35/UE.


  • LED traffic light/red-green.
  • Additional safety strips.
  • Key switch.
  • Additional remote control (1 pcs standard).
  • Induction loop detector (1 or 2 channel).
  • Illumination of free passage.
  • Halsang monitoring system (GSM based access control system, including year clock).
  • Infobric ID 06 system on request.


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